What Does Your Coiffure Say About Your Skilled Model?


Yes, your hairstyle can influence your brand.  A hairstyle can lead to an impression regarding your intelligence, self-assurance, and personality.  It is important that you select a hairstyle that is consistent with the brand you are aiming to project. Dr. Marianne LaFrance of Yale University led the “First Impressions and Hair Impressions” study to determine the effect hairstyle has on first impressions. The study confirmed that a hairstyle is a primary factor in the first impression you make, more so than facial features. When someone first sees you, they form an impression based on your hairstyle.  How does your hairstyle brand you?  Are you confident?   Are you seen as intelligent?  Sexy?   All brawn and no brains? 

Sexy Versus Intelligent Hairstyles for Women

It seems that some hairstyles increase a woman’s perceived sexiness while at the same time diminish a woman’s perceived intelligence.  The reverse is also true, demonstrating that these qualities are in opposition. In other words, hairstyles that are not perceived as sexy tend to give the impression of higher intelligence.

Women with Short and Sassy Hair

The study indicated that women with short, tousled hairstyles are viewed as highly confident, outgoing, and successful.

Women with Medium to Long Hair    

Women with long, straight, blond hairstyles are perceived as sexy and affluent. Shorten that hair to a medium length, a sporty or casual style, and a darker shade and a different impression is formed. Those women with the medium, casually-styled hair are considered more intelligent and good-natured.

Men with Front-Flipped Styles

Men sporting short, front-flip hairstyles are seen as confident and sexy. The downside is that they are viewed as conceited.

Men with Slick Side Part  

Men with medium-length, side-parted hair are viewed as highly intelligent and affluent. This is the “Wall Street look” that is often portrayed on screen.  The downside of this style is men are perceived as narrow-minded.

Men with Long Locks

If you are a male with long tresses on your shoulders, you may be viewed as all brawn and no brains.  This style also evokes an impression of carelessness.  On the flipside, men with long hair are perceived as good-natured.

One may say that you should not judge a book by the cover.  However, first impressions are reactions based on deeply-seeded cultural ideas.  Also, keep in mind that your hairstyle, although significant, is just one factor when someone is forming an impression of you.  The findings from the study reveal that different hairstyles are linked to perceived personality traits.  Make the most of your brand by presenting an overall appealing and professional look, which of course, includes your hairstyle.

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