My Supervisor Hasn't Stated My Resignation Letter


Pricey Deb,

I despatched my resignation discover to my supervisor by way of electronic mail 5 days in the past and he by no means spoke back.   I do know he’s in his e-mail continuously, as it’s a essential way of verbal exchange in his function.  Must I say one thing to him or write him once more?  Or, do I guess that he has it and that my remaining day is established? That is my first job and first time to resign so I’m not slightly positive that is customary.


Rick G.

Expensive Rick:

My recommendation is to at all times current your resignation letter in person.  The exception would be if your manager works in another city.  In that case, you would call and follow up by email.  It is not too late to improve this resignation situation.  Simply print your letter and stop by your manager’s office at your earliest opportunity.  Tell your manager that you apologize for not delivering the notice in person. You can blame it on the fact that this is your first job. 

There are three key ingredients to your resignation letter.   1.) Thank your manager for the opportunity and all that you have learned on the job.  2.) Include your resignation date, giving your employer at least two weeks of notice time.   3.) Wish your manager and the company all the best in future endeavors.   What you don’t ever want to do is complain, criticize anyone at the company, or gloat about the better job you will be starting soon.

Best wishes in your new job!


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