10 Classes I Realized From a Yr of Productiveness Experiments—and eleven Different Issues to Be aware of Now


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Work Hard

  • Why You Feel Like a Fraud and How to Overcome It (Barking Up The Wrong Tree)
  • How to Build the Social Ties You Need at Work (HBR)
  • Just Do the Work, and the Passion Will Follow (Science of Us)
  • 4 Smart Steps You Should Take Now if You’re Getting Antsy at Your Current Job (The Daily Muse)

Live Smart

  • 10 Lessons I Learned From a Year of Productivity Experiments (Lifehacker)
  • 21 Ways Evernote Can Make Your Life Easier (Biz Ahead)
  • A Guide for Dealing With Frustration and Disappointment Within Yourself (Zen Habits)
  • 3 Ways You Can Get Back on Track After a Major Setback (and Still Hit Your Goals) (The Daily Muse)

Play Often

  • The 7 Things You Might Be Doing Wrong to Your Pasta (Epicurious)
  • 5 Awesome Things to Do With Half a Jar of Peanut Butter (Mashable)
  • 25 Bestsellers From the Last 25 Years You Simply Must Make Time to Reread (Bustle)
  • 7 Easy Craft Projects You Can Make With Office Supplies (The Daily Muse)

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